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PNRP 33(4) – 2014 r.


Physicochemical Properties of Waters of the Bia這wie瘸 National Park


Waters and bottom sediments of water bodies of the Bia這wie瘸 National Park were not examined with respect to physicochemical analysis in the past. In order to supplement the knowledge in this field the Park run the project financed by the National Fund for Environment Protection and Water Management in the years 2012 - 2013. There were 31 localities of water courses, permanent and astatic water bodies selected. The results of the analysis may be used for future reference in studies on water-dependent habitats and species of the Bia這wie瘸 National Park.


Characteristics of flora and tree stand
in the Pomorze reserve Augustowska Forest


The Pomorze reserve is located in the north part of the Augustów Forest (N Poland). The reserve protects pine tree stands with old pines of 220 years in the fresh coniferous forest. The study focused on the flora of the Pomorze reserve and its tree stands. The results led to a conclusion that the Pomorze reserve was under human influence in the past and still is nowadays. Among the remains of the past are monumental pines which changed their character with time. Being intact for over 200 years, they became the main object of nature conservation. They represent a valuable genotype of the local population which is a local requirement of environmental adaptation. In our times human influence is reflected in the reserve's flora, especially in herbaceous species. In spite of many changes done by humans and continuous anthropogenic pressure the state of nature in the area is good. Many features prove its natural state.

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