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The river system is underdeveloped. Tributaries of Łutownia and Narewka are connected with the lowered surface areas of clay terminal moraine having a lithology character. Small land slides of the morain did not provoke deep erosion, which is why the majority of streams within this area is of an initial character, without clearly marked river bed and alluvial zone. Narewka tributaries are clearly divided by the water ridge connected with the previously described elevation zone situated along Hajnówka – Białowieża route. North from the water ridge, water properties, e.g. the degree of water cleanliness, depend only on the processes, which forest areas are subject to; and on the character of water flowing in from the Belarus part of the Forest.

The properties of main rivers and their catchment basin area.

Narewka. From the national border, the valley of Narewka is relatively wide. The tributary, within the section between Białowieża and Łutownia is covered with dense forest.
Within the section between Łutownia and Hwoźna, the catchment basin area of Narewka is made of sands and covered by forest. On Narewka, the water ridge runs through the flat swampy area.
Within the section between Hwoźna and Narewka water ridge - southern part of the river basin is made of sands and covered by forest. Marshy areas and peats can be found in the valley. In the northern part, boulder clay and sands on clay predominate. There are not many forests in the valley, and vast meadows predominate.

Orłówka. Right tributary of Narewka. The catchment basin area of Orłówka is situated in Sierchanowo Protective District (former Strict Reserve). The basin is made of sands on clay. The western part is covered by large swampy areas.

Hwoźna. Right tributary of Narewka. Catchment basin is situated within the area of Białowieża Forest. In the western part the area is swampy. The river valley is approximately 0,5 km wide and quite boggy within its whole length. The area is flat, with river ridges not clearly marked.

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