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Bialowieza National Park Directorate regret to inform that due to technical reasons and for the safety of tourists tower within the Hwo幡a Protective Unit on the trail "Carska Tropina" in the neighborhood of "Kosy Most" was closed to tourist traffic.
Technical study conducted on behalf of BNP has shown that the condition of the tower as a result of the processes of biological corrosion of wood is bad and continue its operation is dangerous for tourists staying on it.
Currently, BNP efforts are foccus on raising funds for the renovation of the tower that is one of the most attractive places in the precincts of the Protective Hwo幡a Unit as soon as possible to restore the tourist traffic. We invite you to a vantage point on the trail "Carska Tropina", where stretches equally beautiful view of the Strictly Protected Area of BNP.

Director of BNP
Bialowieza, 20 July 2010

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