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Extermination of bison in the Bia這wie瘸 Forest Print

Lowland bison survived in the Bia這wie瘸 Forest for the longest period of time.  Priori to the World War I, there were more than 700 bison in the Forest. Not a single specimens survived the warfare in this region.  In 1919, the last bison in the Bia這wie瘸 Forest died.  Bison from this particular subspecies survived in a small number in zoos and zoo parks in several European countries.  In order to unite the efforts to save the remaining bison survivors, in 1923 the International Society fir the protection of European bison was created.  The first task of the said Association was the creation of a record of all pure-blooded bison.  At the end of 1924, only 54 pure-blooded bison were recorded around the world, and only a small fraction of this number represented animals of any value for potential breeding.  The first bison register was prepared in the form of a European bison Pedigree Book and was published in Germany in 1932.  This particular publication is still in existence until today and individual issues have been published in Poland since 1947. Bison bred in captivity, with the controlled and known origin, are assigned names and blood line numbers.  Relative to free roaming bison, only general number record is maintained.  

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