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Adult bulls weigh between 440 and 920 kilograms. They can reach the height of up to 188 centimetre in withers. Bulls have the characteristic feature in the form of a disproportion between the muscular front of the body and relatively slender back. Cows are smaller, and their weight ranges from 320 to 640 kilograms and the front part of their body is less developed. A bison's body is covered with fawn – dark brown fur, which protects them from recognition in the surrounding environment. The front of the body is covered with longer hair, which at the bottom of the neck create the so-called beard. The back of the body is covered with short hair. The heads of both sexes are equipped with high seated horns. The endings of these horns bend to the inside more for cows than for bulls. Calves have brownish fur when they are born and are relatively small – their weight ranges between 16 and 35 kilograms.

Bia這wie瘸 bison
Bison are the largest animals in Europe. The photo presents an adult
male, also called a bull. Photograph by J. Walencik

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