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Ungulates in the Bia這wie瘸 Forest Print

Bison in the Bia這wie瘸 Forest used to and still are in a particular situation, especially because of their special protection regime. They are however only one example of hoofed animals and their role in the ecosystems of the Bia這wie瘸 Forest should be considered against the background of all hoofed animals living in this area. 

The Forest should have all the elements of the natural group of ungulates intact – including bison, deer, roe-deer, elks and wild boars. The main problem is related with establishment of the appropriate proportions between species, optimum for the Forest conditions. Contemporary science has not solved until now the problem of a conflict-free coexistence of animals in the forest environment, therefore the numbers of specimens in each population must be closely monitored and adjusted, helping with the protection of tree stands and allowing for the development of animals with high individual properties.

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