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Within Orówka Protective District (The Strict Protection Area):

Trail To the Oak of Jagie陶o – path is unmarked, its length is about 4 km. This trail takes tourists to see various forms of multi-species oak-lime-hornbeam forest: a fragment of ash-alder riparian forest, trees enjoying Monuments of Nature status. By the trail one may see monumental Elm tree, dead Bartny Oak - tree with circumference above 6m. There is also Oak of Jagie陶o (D帳 Jagie陶y) which was blown down in 1974, and a 38-metre-tall mast pine. Depending on the season, the guide informs tourists about undergrowth plants, animal trails and processes occuring in the natural forest untainted by manmade activity. Remaining trails are made available to specialised groups, on every such occasion permission from the Park’s Directorate is required.

Within Hwo幡a Protective District:
Trail around the Capercaille Forest Range (Wokó Uroczyska G逝szec) – colour red, 5.5 km long, running from Stare Masiewo around the G逝szec Forest Range. The trail includes the Masiewska Clearing and village of Stare Masiewo (with its wooden architecture), the forest range itself with its marshy coniferous forest, remains of charcoal-burning installations and a display presenting the old narrow-gauge forest railway. In the Stare Masiewo area, a black-marked trail branches off to the Czo這 Bison Refuge and Evangelical Cemetery (2 km long).

Wolf’s Trail (Wilczy Szlak) – colour green, 11.5 km long, running from the edge of the hamlet of Zamosze, and then through the whole of the Hwo幡a Protective District as far as Kosy Most, taking in the most interesting sites in this part of the Park. The trail includes the G逝szec Forest Range (see above) with its marshy coniferous forest, and there is a display based around the narrow-gauge forest railway, as well as a huge glacial erratic. The Wilczy Szlak Forest Range has a well-preserved configuration of habitats accessible via the boardwalk, an old oak of above-average dimensions and meadows along the Narewka. Close to Kosy Most, a side-trail heads off towards the bison refuge (200 m long).

The Tsar’s Trail (Carska Tropina) – colour black, 4 km long, starting at the Przed Kosym Mostem depot and running along the Narewka Valley via an old road laid in the days of the Tsar (hence the name). The most interesting parts of the Hwo幡a PD are to be seen here, the route including a viewing tower for the Narewka Valley from which birds, large mammals and forest (especially oak-lime-hornbeam, mixed and alder forest) communities can be observed. There is also a viewing point which makes reference to traditional architecture and affords a fine view of the meadows along the river and the Park’s Strict Protection area.

Those taking the trail may come cross such interesting and beautiful plants as orchids (i.a. broad-leaved and dark red helleborines), martagon lilies and wild gladioli. These often grow in wayside places or even in the middle of the trail. As these plants are strictly protected, take care not to damage them. Let them gladden, not only our eyes, but those of the people who come after us.




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