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The cycling trails crossing the Hwoźna Protective District form a network that allows cyclists to get to know better the valuable natural features, not only of BNP, but also of the Narewka area in general. The network is planned in such a way that all trails meet at Narewka itself, where bikes may be hired and cars left parked. Several variant routes of different lengths are accessible, taking the form of loops, and in this way visits to the northern part of the Forest are facilitated.

The Park is accessed via two trails:
the green trail (longer: 7 km from Narewka to BNP, 12 km through the Park, 17 km back to Narewka), of which the BNP stretch largely coincides with the green walking trail, offering access to most of the District and presenting different types of forest and non-forest ecosystem, as well as many other places of interest.

the black trail (shorter: 7 km from Narewka to BNP, 2 km through the Park, 9 km back to Narewka), which only enters the Park in its final stretch and ends at the Szypulowa timber store, where the green walking trail must be taken. The trail leads via Paliska – a unit with well-preserved pine stands and marshy coniferous forest. Poland’s largest species of grouse, the Capercaillie, could still be met with here until the 1990s, but is now alas absent.



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